Why GB To Fireberry?

Do you have a WordPress website?
Do you manage your customers with Firberry?
You must be looking for GB to Fireberry!

The GB-PLUGINS development team has developed a plugin that will connect WordPress sites with the Fireberry system.
The plugin allows you to receive inquiries from your website directly to Fireberry CRM.
The sole purpose of GB to Fireberry is to transfer information from your WordPress site to Fireberry CRM in the simplest and most convenient way.
The plugin works with CF7 forms and Elementor Pro forms.

Features GB to Fireberry:

  • Match each field in the contact form on your website with fields in Fireberry CRM
  • Create infinite connections to infinite forms and fields. (*the free plugin has limitations)
  • To convey important data such as UTM source and more

Without the need for Zapier or similar heavy, complex and expensive systems.
Support and service from our talented team is available.
We make the first connection for you free of charge!

GB To Fireberry – Pro

The Pro version is the extended version of GB To Fireberry
What will you get in the Pro version?

  • The plugin supports the following contact plugins:
    -Elementor forms
    -Gravity Forms
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • Unlimited number of fields
  • The plugin will transfer information from the fields in the form to the “Leads”, “Customers” or “Suppliers” tables (*additional tables will be checked at the customer’s request)
  • Any input value in your form can be transferred to any field in Fireberry (*subject to the types of information received in Fireberry)

Support and service

  • Support and service are available at info@gb-plugins.com throughout the duration of your license.
  • You can also contact us by phone +972-544297762
  • The license period includes system upgrades, which correspond to changes in the form plugins and adjustments to the changes made in Fireberry.
  • Licensees for the PRO version will receive updates, upgrades and support for one year from the date of purchase and every additional year, subject to renewal of the license.
  • First connection free of charge!
  • Make sure you have a valid user license so you don’t lose data!
How to install GB To Fireberry
How To activate GB To Fireberry
Permanent value

GB To Fireberry – LITE

A basic version that allows inquiries from the website to be forwarded to the Fireberry system.
This version is suitable for those who have only one form on their site and no changes were made to the default Fireberry fields in the “customers” table.
What will you get in the LITE version?

  • Supports interfacing only with Contact Form 7
  • Supports the connection of only one form
  • Supports the connection of only 3 fields (name, phone, email)
  • The plugin will transfer information from the fields in the form only to the “Customers” table.
  • The plugin will transfer the information only if the default Fireberry fields in the customer table have not been changed.
  • The supported fields are default fields (of CF7) only and the information will go to the default fields in Fireberry automatically and without any settings.
Supported fields of CF7Fireberry supported fields
your-phone Or your-teltelephone1

If the fields you have in the form and in Fireberry do not match the fields detailed in the table – the connection will not work.
If the fields you have in the form and in Fireberry match the fields detailed in the table – the connection will work without additional settings

*Support for the free plugin is subject to payment

Premium services

  • The first connection will be made by us free of charge (subject to receiving all the required access details)
  • Additional connections (beyond the first connection) at a cost of 100+VAT per form (this refers to a standard form with up to 5 fields, complex forms will be priced diferently)
  • Custom made for you: connections of complex forms / connections to WOOCOMMERCE / two-way information transfer and more are available for you from our amazing development team. All you need to do is contact us with your request by email info@gb-plugins.com

GB to Fireberry (Pro)

₪ 410.00

[עלות שנתית]

  • Integrating between WordPress and Fireberry
  • The following form plugins are supported
    Gravity Forms
  • Forms for integration – unlimited
  • Number of fields supported – unlimited!
  • Integrate any input to any field
  • Supported tables:
  • Support and upgrades

LITE version


  • Integrating between WordPress and Fireberry
  • Supports Contact form 7 only
  • number of forms for integration – only one
  • Number of fields supported – 3 default fields only
  • Integrating the Default fields only
  • Supports the “Customers” table only.
  • Support and upgrades